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We were very lucky to be commissioned by the lovely street art and scooter fanatic Alison to paint her very special Spanish Lambretta LI125 here is her story below which you can read also on her blog HERE.


For a while I’ve wanted to brighten up one of my scooters. When I was riding my Lambretta home from the Big 7 rally in Kent I had one of my brilliant ideas (which don’t always turn out to be brilliant), which was to get the panels and horncover painted by a street artist. I’ve been photographing street art for a couple of years, having learned of its history on a hip hop tour of New York. I then started tracking it down, mainly in Brighton but also further afield in Toronto, San Francisco and Lisbon.

Getting just the panels painted would be cheaper, easier and quicker than getting the whole scooter done, but would tick my boxes for wanting something unique and colourful. I ran it by Lee, my husband, who is my yardstick for whether my ideas are indeed brilliant or not, and he was surprisingly positive so I set to work to find an artist and choose a design.

Choosing a street artist

I really wanted to use an artist that I knew, and also one from Brighton as it feels like home these days because I’m over there so often. It was a post on Instagram which inspired me to ask Snub23, and a garden wall he’d painted which captured my imagination


The wall featured Snub’s trademark isometric shapes applied skillfully using stencils, arranged to give a 3D effect. I thought it looked amazing and would work really well on a scooter.

I first met Seth and his girlfriend Amy (another artist whose tag is Sprite) on Christmas Eve in one of the most popular locations for street art in Brighton, Trafalgar Lane. I was in the middle of chemo, looking like a bloated hamster from steroids and frumpy in my wig, on one of my regular pilgrimages to this colourful street. We were checking to see if my angel wings were still there, and coincidentally they were being painted over right then by another artist, Ed209.

I introduced myself to Snub, and asked who he was (it’s an odd thing when you meet an artist because you probably know them already from their work and their ‘tag’). When he replied ‘Snub’, I was slightly in awe having photographed his work around the city for the past couple of years. It was like meeting a celebrity!

After a quick hello we left them to get on with their murals while we went for lunch and by the time we’d returned the walls were finished and the artists were long gone.

Here are the Christmas Eve walls!

I kept in touch with Amy and Seth and when I saw the garden wall they’d painted I knew that was design I wanted. Seth is very into his maths and has been painting the isometric designs for a few years, so I dropped them an email and luckily they said yes!

1. of or having equal dimensions.
2. relating to or being a crystallographic system characterized by three equal axes at right angles

Here are some other ISO walls Seth and Amy have painted.

They are really busy and in demand for private commissions and one-off pieces for other artists, but luckily managed to squeeze my scooter in between other jobs so we dropped off the panels and horncover and waited to see how they would turn out.

Spraying street art on the scooter

It turned out that scooter panels, and particularly the horncover, are a bit more tricky to paint than a nice flat brick wall. There are pesky corners and curves involved, and it’s on a much smaller scale. Seth had to make bespoke, mini-stencils and used a special technique to accommodate the curves.

Amy sent me these progress pics and I was so excited! The brief I’d given them was that it needed to be bright and colourful, and they certainly ticked that box.

After a week we went over to Brighton to pick them up, and I was so pleased with them. The next step was to get them lacquered, and there was only one man for that job – Dave Rose, aka DRC. Dave has sprayed a few of my scooters over the years and always does a superb job. For this project he applied seven layers of clear coat, which produced an awesome, shiny finish. The isometric cubes really ‘pop’ and the 3D effect is just what I wanted.

My street art scooter

Lee put the scooter back together, and changed the rubbers around the horncover from their previous grey to black, which looks a lot better.

The next step was to take the scooter back to its spiritual home in Brighton for a photoshoot. We went on Pride weekend which posed a challenge as the town was heaving, even on the Sunday, and there were many roads closed.

The perfect spot was in front of one of Seth’s large wall murals next to the Trafalgar Street car park.

Scooter Details
Model : Spanish Lambretta LI125
Paint : Seth aka Snub23
Lacquer : Clear coat by Dave Rose aka DRC
Engine : Built by Gary at Allstyles Scooters using a Comet 186cc kit and Sito Plus exhaust

Next we went to Trafalgar Lane, where we’d first met Seth and Amy. One of Seth’s trademark robots is there, with some ISO shapes in the background.

Next we went to Trafalgar Lane, where we’d first met Seth and Amy. One of Seth’s trademark robots is there, with some ISO shapes in the background.

Next we went to find the artists! They were painting a wall next to the Prince Regent swimming pool so we scooted over there. They were amazed by how well the scooter had turned out when it was all put together. We got loads of attention from passers by, all stopping to take photos! It had been such a brilliant project, working with two really great people.


We had to get a photo of Seth and Amy on the scooter. I think it suits them although their electric bike is probably more practical for zooming around Brighton.


Who is Snub23?
Snub23 is otherwise known as Seth, a full time artist based in Brighton. He works with girlfriend Amy, aka Sprite, on street art commissions and other pieces.

He comes from an artistic family, surrounded by creative people, and after gaining a graphics degree in London the financial crisis hit and jobs in that industry were harder to find. He became involved in the graffiti scene there and ended up working for an exhibition company, creating stencils for corporate clients and at events such as music festivals.

This led to him working on commercial projects and now he is in demand for all sorts of commissions which he works on with Amy. On their days off you’ll find them painting walls all over Brighton and beyond.

Seth’s robot artwork originates from comic book drawings, and is paired with the isometric blocks which are used on the scooter. He loves mixing digital with analogue, the idea of ‘ordering the chaos’ using regimented geometric shapes, and how different colours are used to produce the 3D effect.

To contact Seth and Amy about commissions or buy one of their pieces click or visit Snub23 or I.Am.Sprite on Instagram.

I can’t wait to ride the scooter more, and it’s just about run in so I’ll be able to open it up a bit more to really test it. If you see me at a rally or rideout please stop and say hello!

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Last year a local Brighton resident commissioned us to paint a mural in their back garden, featuring our colourful iconic Isometric cubes. We selected a palette of bright vivid colours to really brighten up the area and make it feel larger.


A year later the very happy client got back in touch and asked us to extend the mural onto the other walls in the garden.

It was really nice to see that after a year the original piece still looked so new and vibrant. Even the plants which were cut back when we first painted the mural had now grown over and integrated themselves into the piece.

wall finished one year later2.jpg

We painted the other walls in the garden in-keeping with the original mural design and colours. Wrapping the whole garden with cubes, making the space feel like a totally new world. We took into consideration the windows of the property, facing out into the garden, so the view from each window felt like their own canvas, full of colour.

The end result was really dramatic and beautiful. The client couldn’t have been happier. They were especially excited about all the BBQs they will have in the space.

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Over 3 days we painted 2 feature walls in Wahaca Brighton’s VIP Room. Our brief was to create a mural design which helped promote their range of sustainably caught fish dishes. Thus we created a  Mural which takes inspiration from edible fish which can be found around the coasts of Mexico, Yellow Fin Tuna and Mackerel. We then used our iconic isometric background to create an abstract bubble scene.
Assisted by: Sprite
Coordinated by Tristan Manco @ Think Beautiful Design

SNUB TUNA Fish Wahaca skinny.jpg

Powered as always by KOBRA Paint
Wahaca Brighton, Wahaca’s home on the South Coast is a few minutes from the Brighton seafront & Brighton Marina in one of the UK’s most sustainably run restaurants. Featuring hand-painted murals by SNUB23 & Mexican street artist Mazatl, Wahaca Brighton is the perfect place to stop in for a quick bite, a long lunch with friends, or a private space to hire for an event. 

Tristan Manco is a designer and art director, bringing his unrivalled wealth of creative experience and knowledge to each strand of his work. Design clients past and present include Cheltenham Festivals, Pictures on Walls (POW), Real World, Womad, Universal, EMI Records, Habitat, Rich Mix, Soil Association, Modern Art Oxford and the Arnolfini Gallery. High profile projects include the iconic Blur Think Tank album. Tristan’s design agency, Think Beautiful, brings together a team of highly experienced creatives providing the full spectrum of lead and support on design projects for corporates and small businesses. 

Think Beautiful Design:
Tristan Manco:

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It all begins with an idea.


Painted over two weeks. Freehand spray paint characters and a stencilled isometric wrap. This project gave us the chance to fully wrap a room, rather than just a ‘feature’ wall. Getting in while the space was under construction we had the freedom to paint the entire room how we thought best. And then the interior design had something to work with, resulting in a total iso environment.
Assisted by: Sprite
and Ed209

Powered as always by Darkstar & KOBRA
BossAlien, a NaturalMotion studio, was founded in 2011 and is a collective of video game professionals with backgrounds spanning top franchise across mobile, console, and PC. Our award-winning debut title, CSR Racing, helped define a new genre for mobile gaming, and smashed critical reviews and revenue records for the App Store. In October 2018, NaturalMotion studios were listed as one of the Best Places To Work in the UK video games industry, at the Awards.
Boss Alien:
GTA Interior:

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It all begins with an idea.



Internationally renowned graffiti artist Snub23 is unveiling a giant mural at Village Underground, Shoreditch, promoting Love Music Hate Racism and Stand up to Racism, in the run up to the United Nations Anti-Racism Day demonstrations in the UK and internationally on the March 17th.

 Using the Great Eastern Street Wall Gallery, generously donated by Village Underground, one of London’s leading clubs and cultural spaces, Snub23 hopes his art will help drive home the message that music unites, while racism divides.

 “Music and solidarity messages go through many movements and we’re reinforcing a strong message that music brings people together. We’re such a multicultural country it’s ridiculous that we have racism,” says Snub23, whose parents took him to demos called by Stand up to Racism’s forerunner, the Anti-Nazi League, and to punk gigs as a child.

 After two decades of painting street art, Snub23 describes his work as “hard-hitting, raw, in your face, strong imagery that makes you feel powerful.”

 Red Saunders, co-founder of Rock Against Racism, the spiritual and organisational forefather of Love Music Hate Racism, says, “The mural stands on the route of the 80,000-strong march to the first RAR carnival in Victoria Park 40 years ago. Incendiary graphics were at the heart of RAR’s work back then and it is brilliant to see graphic artists standing up to be counted again.”

 Village Underground says, “Village Underground loves music and hates racism or bigotry in any form. We are delighted to have the opportunity to support an organisation that recognises the universal power of music to break down barriers and build relationships.”

 Love Music Hate Racism Coordinator Lois Browne says the fight against racism has never been more important, and music is back on the front line of the struggle.”

 “Love Music Hate Racism is about celebrating the vibrant multicultural and multiracial society we live in. We’ll be doing that on the M17 demo with a big sound system and guest artists appearances.”

 “We are facing a massive rise in racism in Britain and across the globe. Migrants and refugees are being scapegoated. EU nationals are used as bargaining chips in Brexit negotiations. Anti-Muslim campaigns by the press have led to a dramatic rise in Islamophobic attacks in the wake of terror attacks in London and Manchester. Institutional racism is seen through deaths in police custody and the tragedy at Grenfell.”

 “We have Trump in the USA and in Europe, the rise of the Freedom Party in Austria, Front National in France and AfD in Germany are signs of a resurgence of the far right. Music can help turn back this tide.”

 Musicians have always understood their art thrives on diversity. They have always stood firm against efforts to segregate our communities, and their fans have responded. That is why, for example, efforts to marginalise and ghettoise musical forms such as Grime, now the UK’s best-selling genre, have failed.

 From Nina Simone to Kendrick Lamar to Stormzy, artists have constantly challenged the status quo to ensure that people remain united.

Music is a connector, a cultural fabric that transcends social barriers and LMHR’s aim is to celebrate and defend the vibrant multicultural and multiracial society we live in and enjoy. Spread the message…

• Twitter: @lmhrnational
• Instagram: @lovemusichateracism
• Facebook: LoveMusicHateRacism

#lovemusichateracism #LMHR

photo credit: GUY SMALLMAN

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FUTURE VISION : GS Park Shenzhen, China 2017

U.K. Based My Dog Sighs and Snub23 are excited to reveal ‘Future Vision’. Painted over 6 days in GS Park, Shenzhen, China, as part of a large two year mural project run by Snub23.

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For most of December 2016 I spent my days painting in China. At GS Park based in Shenzhen, South China. This is a whole area of the world I’ve never visited before and the whole adventure was incredible. Travelling via Hong Kong to a brand new technology park with huge untouched walls.

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Earlier this year I was kindly asked to paint, amongst other artists, a panel to be part of the Blackpool Illuminations, four of us spent a few days in a spray booth.
I’ve yet to see photo’s of mine installed.

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UPFEST ‘And Vinyly’

A new group exhibtion of artwork from festival artist on bespoke oversize records. Featuring: 3rd Eye, Acerone, Angus, Andis, Beep Monkey, Boswell, Cheba, Copyright, Dale Grimshaw, Damo, Dekor, Diff, Fake, Gemma Compton, Jody, John Curtis, Lochness, Lokey, Luvm, Masai, Matti, M-one, Minto, My Dog Sighs, Oli-T, Paul Monsters, Shade, Snub23, Soker, Spzero76, Turroe, T.wat, Ulow, Zase + a few more tbc.

UPFEST gallery website here
My submission here

Suported by Glastonbury Ales with tunes from DJ Cridge

This is my submission for the show of oversized records at upfest gallery titled: ‘And Vinyly’.

Upfest ‘And Vinyly’ SHOULDER BOULDER by SNUB23


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“I’ve got a chip, it’s like a boulder on my shoulder”

This is part of a movie I worked on in Budapest at the end of 2013, the camera man ‘Brian Loftus’,
who was also cameraman in the classic movie 2001: space odyssey.
This wall I painted in his honour. (In sub zero temperatures)


Anti- Social Movie , released May 1st 2015
Story line: Dee is an anarchic street-artist confronting the system, Marcus is an armed robber on a jewellery store crime-wave. For the two brothers, being Anti-Social is a way of life! Bound by an unyielding family loyalty they relentlessly carve their respective paths – and Dee finds acceptance in London’s art-scene, while Marcus’ smash-and-grab heists amass him a small fortune and his aspirations escalate. But when an ultra-violent gangland war erupts, Dee is suddenly forced to remember who he is – as Police and rival criminals close-in on the family and Marcus’ gang defiantly prepare to take down the largest target of their careers.

IMDB link

After painting stencils for one of the lead characters I had a chance to blast out something of my own.

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Multi layered stencil on steel sheet,
mounted on wood. Lacquer finish.
Special edition
60cm x 45cm


SNUB Stencil on jigsaw
Stamped and wrapped
Limited edition
10cm x 15cm
P&P included



SNUB & Crossbones-001
Limited edition of 10
Stencil on paper
42cm x 29.7cm
postage and packing included
UK £40 World £45


‘Your Time is Up, The Future is Here’ – by Snub23

High quality Screenprint on Fine Art Paper
Size: 76cm x 50cm
Weight: 300gsm

Limited Edition – 50 pieces,
signed, numbered & stamped by Snub23

Available here


Hand painted acrylics from original sketch
on box framed wooden panel.
Lacquer finish.
One of one.
Signed and dated.
50cm x 30cm x 4cm



Steel edition of 3
13cm x 20.5cm
Stencilled steel mounted on wood.
£50 UK £60 Worldwide
postage & packing inc.

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I was commissioned by DJ Food from Ninja Tunes to paint 50 *special edition* copies of the new Herbaliser Album.

I was commissioned by the band to make there 50 special edition copies of there new album.
Using multi layered stencils my additions blended in with the existing artwork.
More than 18 years into their musical journey,The Herbaliser just keep getting bigger, stronger and better. It all began in the early 1990s when West London duo Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba discovered a shared passion for hip-hop, rare groove, funk and jazz. James Brown, DJ Premier, Lalo Schifrin, Pete Rock and David Axelrod were some of the heroes from their formative years.

Custom limited edition stencilled covers of the new herbaliser album.. double heavy vinyl..
50 copies painted.. epic job but worth every minute.
They all sold pre order before I’d even painted them.

more info on the album here

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I was lucky enough to work with channel 4 on the set of MISFITS for their “ERAZER” episode.


The mini episode featuring commissioned work from SNUB , ORCO & MONO will air online straight after the tv episode tonight 4th dec 2011.
That’s 23:00 hours GMT everyone.. (23.. nice.. keep em peeled for one of those

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