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UPFEST ‘And Vinyly’

A new group exhibtion of artwork from festival artist on bespoke oversize records. Featuring: 3rd Eye, Acerone, Angus, Andis, Beep Monkey, Boswell, Cheba, Copyright, Dale Grimshaw, Damo, Dekor, Diff, Fake, Gemma Compton, Jody, John Curtis, Lochness, Lokey, Luvm, Masai, Matti, M-one, Minto, My Dog Sighs, Oli-T, Paul Monsters, Shade, Snub23, Soker, Spzero76, Turroe, T.wat, Ulow, Zase + a few more tbc.

UPFEST gallery website here
My submission here

Suported by Glastonbury Ales with tunes from DJ Cridge

This is my submission for the show of oversized records at upfest gallery titled: ‘And Vinyly’.

Upfest ‘And Vinyly’ SHOULDER BOULDER by SNUB23


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I was commissioned by DJ Food from Ninja Tunes to paint 50 *special edition* copies of the new Herbaliser Album.

I was commissioned by the band to make there 50 special edition copies of there new album.
Using multi layered stencils my additions blended in with the existing artwork.
More than 18 years into their musical journey,The Herbaliser just keep getting bigger, stronger and better. It all began in the early 1990s when West London duo Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba discovered a shared passion for hip-hop, rare groove, funk and jazz. James Brown, DJ Premier, Lalo Schifrin, Pete Rock and David Axelrod were some of the heroes from their formative years.

Custom limited edition stencilled covers of the new herbaliser album.. double heavy vinyl..
50 copies painted.. epic job but worth every minute.
They all sold pre order before I’d even painted them.

more info on the album here

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