We we’re lucky enough to take part in this years ADEV parade (info below)
Representing Friekens Brouwerij we painted a wall on a mobile platform, towed by an airport luggage truck through the city. It was a surreal experience, music booming, smoke bombs, beer and bumps. Finished by the time we all pulled up to party and drink a keg or two. We even painted a tiny car and a collab with Dive Jedi.
Powered by KOBRA paint
Photos by Dive Jedi
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About ADEV
Just like last year we’ll dance for the future of Amsterdam’s underground in a parade right through the city centre. We claim our free space in a week where the global dance industry exploits most indoor venues in Amsterdam. Join us in reclaiming the streets and dance to the mobile sounds systems from the Amsterdam underground: Villa Friekens, Schijnheilig, De Valreep, Nimatek, ADM, Dutch Acid Family, Betoeterd, Bajes Dorp and Kalash & Nikov.

The Dutch dance scene was born in the underground. In spaces that were free of commerce and permit culture. Where people could experiment without the need to make a profit. Where volunteers and amateurs could make a new scene flourish.

This fertile underground is under serious threat. Two squats have been evicted last year and existing ones are facing intimidation by the authorities. Meanwhile, Amsterdam faces the largest percentage of unoccupied office space in Europe. 

The time has come for the underground to reclaim its fertile free space. For new subcultures to be born. We want to offer Amsterdam an alternative for the commercial clubs and regulated spaces. 

‘Our dance parade is a non-commercial statement during ADE. It’s a free and fun alternative where we dance for a good cause. For reconnecting the underground locations and organizations. For inspiring the people to get self-organizing, stop consuming and start creating.’


SNUB23 X HILL 2018